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Working By Faith is Mental Exertion (NEW!)

I had the pleasure of having Elder Riddle in my district and zone while serving in the Illinois Peoria mission. I have a two page work entitled “Working By Faith is Mental Exertion” written by Chauncey Riddle in response to … Continue reading

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Principles II

Chauncey C. Riddle We begin this hour with the principle of justice. Justice is the principle that righteousness demands regress for wrong. That is to say, if someone is injured, there must be a restoration or some other kind of … Continue reading

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Principles I

Chauncey C. Riddle I emphasize again, as I did yesterday, that what I am saying is my idea. I have tried to study and put together the gospel in my mind. In preparing these lectures this year I’ve learned some … Continue reading

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New Names and the New Covenant

Chauncey C. Riddle I ask for an interest in your faith and prayers. I tremble a little bit because as I say things it’s impossible to say everything and I find I miss saying important things. For instance, in relation … Continue reading

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Having A Testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

Principles of the Gospel in Practice – Sperry Symposium – 1985 CHAPTER SEVEN Chauncey C. Riddle The purpose of this paper is to describe the nature of a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. To have a testimony is … Continue reading

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The Pillars of Testimony

AN ADDRESS GIVEN TO THE BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY STUDENT BODY DR. CHAUNCEY C. RIDDLE Dean of the Graduate School June 30, 1970 – Devotional with an introduction by Dr. Dean A. Peterson Dean of the Summer School DR. DEAN A. … Continue reading

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Faith, Hope, and Charity

THE HIGHWAY TO ETERNAL LIFE IS MARKED BY… FAITH, HOPE, AND CHARITY The Instructor, October 1965 by Chauncey C. Riddle As the Prophet Moroni was completing his message to the people of the latter days, he found it expedient in … Continue reading

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