Lesson 16: Education

Definition: Education is the self-creation of a person who is learning to solve his problems. Principles of education:

  1. Learning, not teaching is paramount in importance. Learning is the adaptive response of an intelligent being to his environment. Enough learning results in education. Teaching is the attempt to help people learn but it can guarantee nothing.
  1. Learning values is the most important learning. Values guide all & person learns, thinks, and does.
  1. Skill learning is second in importance. Skills are the ability to do everything a person does.
  1. Knowledge learning is third in importance. With the correct values and skills, a person can get the knowledge he needs.
  1. All education is religious education. A person’s religion is his habits, his character, centering on his values. All educational enterprises are value laden.
  1. Learning is always a do-it-yourself project. No one can learn anything for anyone else.
  1. The hallmark of good learning is over-learning. Anything over-learned is used reflexively. Sometimes people think they have learned when they have only understood. (Understanding is the counterfeit of learning.)
  1. Teaching is facilitation of learning. But there is no guarantee that it can be done.
  1. The most important facilitation of learning is to engender confidence in the learner. Then the do-it-yourself ability has the best chance to go into motion.
  1. The criterion of being educated is the ability to solve problems, not credit or degrees. There are many degreed people who can’t really do anything.
  1. Education should produce individuality, not conformity. Yet the grading system of our culture principally rewards conformity.
  1. The truly educated person is one who solves his problems in such a way as to benefit maximally all whom he affects. This is righteousness, the highest attainment possible for any human being. The only way to accomplish this is to become as Christ is through the laws and ordinances of the New and Everlasting Covenant.

Question:   What are your principles of education?

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