Philosophy 110 (BYU)

Content Summary Page

This Introductory Philosophy course was taught by Dr. Chancey C. Riddle while at BYU until 1992. It is taught from an LDS perspective or what Dr. Riddle calls a Restored Gospel perspective.

Lesson 1 – Course Mechanics
Lesson 2 – Thinking
Lesson 3 – Systems
Lesson 4 – Success
Lesson 5 – Concepts
Lesson 6 – Communication
Lesson 7 – Strategies
Lesson 8 – Epistemology
Lesson 9 – Metaphysics
Lesson 10 – Ethics
Lesson 11 – Worldviews

Humanist Manifesto
Joseph Smith and the Ways of Knowing – Dr. Truman G. Madsen
Self-Love – 1983
The Choice – Elder Boyd K. Packer
The Marks of a Saint
We Mr. Taylor I Can Tell You Nothing

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